So lets take a survey:  How many people think that an average 5.5 inch dick are generating that much pleasure for her?  Anyone? Anyone?


It definitely sounds like He is tearing Her apart and it is obvious that He has no intention of stopping!

The Destroyer and the Pacifier: For those of you who’ve never experienced it, that’s what nine inch cock sounds like.

Hotter when they moan/scream.



CREAMPIE MOTHER FUCKING GANGBANG!!!  You will NOT believe this shit.  YOU. are. FUCKING. welcome!  Straight to the Hall of FFame.  WOW.

In order of appearance: Buster Good, Zak Attack, Eric Swiss, Dane Cross, Dirty Harry, Nick East, Tony Tedeschi, Rick Masters, Tony Sexton, Ryan knox, Jeremy Steel, Jenner, Eric Swiss (round 2), John West, Seth Dickens, ? no face, Steve James, Hector Steele?, Ralph Long.

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Holy fuck! Awesome Gangbang!